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LegFin Translations - Quality Legal, Financial and Business Translations

Providing quality translations since 2003.

Professional Service

Choosing me for your Spanish to English translation project is your guarantee of a world-class service from start to finish. In the initial stages, this means (i) being immediately available to answer clients' translation enquiries and requests and (ii) providing a rapid response to requests for quotes. Once a quote has been confirmed, I proactively engage with the client in order to ensure that the correct in-house terminology (if any) is used in each project. I am able to offer highly competitive translation turnaround times by combining my many years' translation experience with the latest in translation technology, and I always meticulously respect the deadline agreed. Following delivery of the translation, I continue to offer post-sales support by answering any further queries my clients may have regarding the translation.


It is my feeling that qualified and experienced translation professionals are significantly underrepresented within the translation profession itself, with the offering of available translators awash with recent university graduates who lack demonstrable experience in business and industry (and, therefore, the relevant knowledge and skills). I am able to draw on my many years' experience running the in-house translation department of a well-known international commercial law firm, as well as working for a number of lesser known companies in the initial years of my career. I believe that my proven experience in translating documents at these firms sets me apart from my competitors and allows me to offer a unique value proposition.

Quality Translations

By combining my broad legal, financial and business translation experience with a highly professional and reliable service, together with cutting-edge translation technologies, I am able to offer my clients extremely high quality translations at a competitive price point. I only work into my mother tongue (English) to ensure the highest quality and I do not involve other people in my work process, which allows me to oversee the entire translation of each document myself from start to finish, thereby ruling out the possibility of inconsistencies or discrepancies finding their way into my work. Quality is of key importance to me and I will even turn down lucrative projects if I feel that the deadline requested will make it impossible for me to produce the highest quality product.